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Free shipping on all orders all over India
Call +91 91769 69556
Free shipping on all orders all over India


Who We Are ?

SPUNI, a business arena developed out of prime company  Jayam leathers which is a family run firm from the year of 1979.

Mr.K.P.N Nallakumar Chettiar, the father founder of Jayam Leathers is being the inspiring soul for all the acheivements and endeavours at every step.

Jayam Leathers assure their customers that every square meter of finished leather or cut pieces are 100% made in-house. A dedicated team at plant ensures the aesthetic essence on all products by having a complete streamlined process right from raw hide to finished leather and also at all the product phases such as: design, engineering, product development and production, affirming

— All products are made in house with 100% pure leather.

—  Products designs and craftmanship are truly worldclass.

—Products are customer focused & handcrafted with artistic trends.

— Quick and advance adaptation to contemporary interpretations.

— Top quality product at the most competitive rate possible.

The key goal of SPUNI is “Leather for All”.

 Thus Providing high quality pure leather products at the most affordable rates rather equivalent to wholesale prices. Having been ventured in  trading with exports of leather jackets and trousers for years to countries like Germany, Italy and Spain, the standards and quality of all the products are maintained to match the European product regulations.


Few of the brands that SPUNI worked on exports are  Peek & Clopenburg(Germany), Montes(Germany), Stockerpoint(Germany),2EMME(Italy), Torras(Spain).

The core products at SPUNI includes leather shoes, slippers, bags, jackets, trousers, luggage and also accessories such as wallets, card holders, purses and travel kits.  Each & every products design, engineering, development & production are made exclusively in India making Spuni a Proud  #MakeinIndia Brand.

All chemicals used for processing the leathers are first tested at SGS India Pvt Ltd and made sure that the chemicals used are in compliance with  European REACH regulations. SPUNI follows all pollution control norms mandated by the government and takes additional measures ensuring safety for both employees and environment in production and delivery of all the products.